Ingress Intel Total Conversion Community Edition

A rewrite of the map

Release notes


IITC main script

  • Fix performance issues of L.CanvasIconLayer #313
  • boot.js: fix handling of plugins setup 'highest' priority #307
  • boot.js: prevent 'baselayerchange' to fire second time (on mobile) #291
    (Fix issue with minimap)
  • Quick-fix for old android versions with pre-ES2015 webview #309


  • sync: fix #292 Error parsing json in sync plugin #303
  • draw-tools: fix touch on iOS #308
  • Bump versions up (forgotten in last release) #288

IITC-Mobile app

  • Fix google login #302
  • Use native user-agent string #289
    (Prevent loop redirects on some older versions of WebView)
  • Return support of opening legacy intel urls #299

IITC main script


  • Update most upstream sources, and significantly enhance several plugins #134 (a lot of changes, follow the link to see)
  • Fix performance drop when displaying a large number of ornaments #181
  • Improve RegionScoreboard #179 © McBen + some fixes
  • Remove confusing message from artifacts dialog #216
  • Portal info: display coordinates without angled brackets #233
  • Leaflet controls: prevent mobile style on desktop #189
  • Increase map renderer padding (and make value customizable) #201
  • Portal info: shielding tooltip: round mitigation excess to cope with lack of js float precision #279


  • Fix miscellaneous bugs in core and plugins #157
  • Change default intel url (to match stock) #267


  • Implement plugins priority control #205
  • Stop console 'spam' using customizable logger #235
  • Consistent errors throwing #248
  • API for local files (up|down)loading #243
  • Remove some unused stuff from window object #101
  • Refactor to use common function window.makePermalink (utils_misc.js) #198
  • Isolate every core module in separate IIFE #234
  • Move wrapper template to separate file #238
  • DEFAULT_ZOOM = 15 (to match stock intel) #281
  • #229:
    • Refactor build system into several modules (can be used as cli utilities).
      Implement watch mode to auto-rebuild on source changes.
    • Escape macros in code in order to keep js-validity, fix #50.
      Use template from settings instead of url harcoding (closes #150).
    • Simplify userscripts source template, rename plugin sources: *.user.js -> *.js, rearrange source directories.
    • Remove timestamp component from version of Release scripts (closes #99).
    • Additional dev tools:,,
  • Other
    • see #134 (solve #70: Manage upstream externals)
    • Update docs #264, remove outdated (info transferred to wiki)



  • Improve scale-bar and scoreboard plugins #158
  • Improve styles of text labels (portal-level-numbers, portal-names, portal-names, regions, keys-on-map) #104
  • Other
    • draw-tools, bookmarks: (make use of #243) support file import/export on desktop too
    • see #134: significantly enhance several plugins : overlay-kml, minimap, basemap-bing, basemap-yandex, tidy-links, pan-control, etc (see commit messages)


  • sync: fix and update #212
  • draw-tools: fix mobile-related bugs; add Circle again #175
  • bookmarks: fix iitc download url #150
  • portals-list: filter out portal without real data (bug in intel) #265
  • Other: see #157 (cache-portals-on-map, layer-count, draw-tools, bookmarks, missions)

IITC-Mobile app


  • 'Support DeX desktop mode' option #161
  • Add 'Plugins' shortcut to main menu #266
  • Adapt to changes in Google authorization #283


  • fix bugs on login page #164
  • fix some bugs in plugins handling #245
  • fix 'Send screenshot' function #169
  • fix error that made it difficult to pick plugin file #239
  • fix plugin initialization bug #270


  • better handling of uploads #250

Desktop users: additional one-time action required when updating to current release!

Some plugins are renamed, and do not replace old versions automatically.

So it's necessary to delete old versions manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sync is working again

Fixed sync plugin after deprecating Google Realtime API. Now the plugin uses Google Drive API for sync data between clients.


Added AutoNavi / Gaode maps layer; fixed and improved maps, and Google Gray roads.
Fixed shift maps in China.

Visualization of the link direction

Now plugin show-linked-portals displays the direction of links is more understood, using symbols.

New features for developers

Added @@INCLUDECSS macros for easy support/update external/*.css files.
Add an 'pluginUserLocation' hook, so other plugins can use the user coordinates.

And many smaller improvements and bug fixes...


* Search improvement: added search by amenity tag and highlighting of the selected item on the map

* Show total team scores together with checkpoints overview

* Move and zoom to portal by clicking on the icon near the title

* Increased IITC download speed, smoother application

* Added support for Google road map with traffic layer

* Library update: jquery 3.3.1 & jquery-ui.12.1, Leaflet 1.3.0 & leaflet.draw 1.0, google-layer using new Leaflet.Gridlayer.GoogleMutant


* Correction of the address to the Intel site from to

* Material design of mobile application