Ingress Intel Total Conversion Community Edition

A rewrite of the map

IITC is a browser add-on that modifies the Ingress intel map. It is faster than the standard site, and offers many more features. It is available for desktop browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, and as a mobile application.

Follow the logo telegram IITC channel for release announcements.

​​I Love Free Software Day

The I Love Free Software Day was initiated by the Free Software Foundation Europe to thank all free software developers. As IITC is open source as well, lots of developers around the world have contributed to our project. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed: You help us build an even better IITC every day. If you are interested in helping us as well, please check our GitHub repository.

We also invite you to record a short video (no longer than a minute) about why you use IITC-CE and how this tool helps you when playing Ingress (or even Pokemon Go).
It would be great if it was recorded in the background of your local landmark and in your native language (but then please duplicate the text in English).

Please send your videos to our telegram chat.