Ingress Intel Total Conversion Community Edition

A rewrite of the map

IITC is a browser add-on that modifies the Ingress intel map. It is faster than the standard site, and offers many more features. It is available for desktop browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, and as a mobile application.

Follow the logo telegram IITC channel for release announcements.

​​The new addition of Drones to Ingress has brought a fun new way to explore the Portal Network from home. With this new feature came the need to have a tool to help plan routes. This prompted agent @tehstone to create the 'Ingress Drone Path' IITC plugin which provides a variety of map overlays to assist in planning Drone routes.

This plugin draws a 500 meter circle around the selected portal and draws all Level 16 S2 grid cells through which that circle passes. All portals within these cells are highlighted. Additionally the plugin highlights portals that would be a one-way jump from the selected portal.

Additional tools to create and save routes are planned.

You can download this plugin from the GitHub repository.