Ingress Intel Total Conversion Community Edition

A rewrite of the map

IITC-CE is a powerful browser add-on that modifies and enhances the official Ingress intel map. It is faster and more feature-rich than the standard map, making it an essential tool for players of the Ingress game. The add-on is available for both desktop browsers like Firefox and Chrome, and as a mobile application like Android and iOS.

IITC-CE (aka IITC) completely changes the way you interact with the map, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience through the use of hardware acceleration and a wide range of plugins. The platform has become the foundation for many tools used by players from both factions, including several confidential plugins for coordinating operations with a team of agents and public plugins that are available to all players.


Read the IITC documentation on our wiki.

You can discuss IITC-CE or get help on subreddit /r/IITC and IITC Group [XF] telegram group.

Also follow the IITC News telegram channel for news.

Development / Report Problems

For those who want to contribute and help with development of the add-on, the source code is available on the project's GitHub repository where you can also report bugs.
You can also join the IITC development community and participate in discussions on the matter.


IITC-CE are open-source projects and rely on the contributions of its community to keep it running.
If you are finding the tool useful and would like to help keep it running, please consider making a donation to support the project.
Your contributions will help pay for the domain and server costs.

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IITC-CE releases 0.36.0 and 0.36.1
Release 0.36.1 contains fixes to improve user experience

Thanks to community for their help with translating IITC-CE components on our translation platform.

# Download IITC-CE

for desktop browsers
for Android and iOS

IITC Mobile updates are no longer available on Google Play, but now we are on F-Droid. And you can also download the .apk file as before.
Google Play, F-Droid and our .apk are signed with incompatible encryption keys, so installing the update over the application from another source is not possible
. You must first uninstall the previous version.

Plugin for Backup/restore all data by DanielOnDiordna

# Get involved

- Use beta versions, report bugs, and vote for changes on github
- Help with translation of components on the Weblate translation platform
- Add plugins to our collection of community plugins
- You can also help pay for the domain name and server with PayPal, Telegram donations and other payment methods


# What's new in v0.36.0

## IITC main script and plugins

### enhancements

- Added display of the list of changes in the About IITC window for the main script and plugins
- Rework infopanel top line
- Alphabetical sorting of all plugin links under the portal details panel

### bugfixes

- Do not create placeholders for loaded and moved portals
- Fixed range display for machina
- Region-Score name search fix
- Hide portal levels plugin fix
- Fix jumpy portals on ghostlinks
- Fix template error for homepage URL and TG channel replacement (previously bug was present in beta)

## IITC-Mobile app

- Reload the text zoom preferences without a need to restart application and rename "WebView Zoom" to "Font size"
- Share url, share file and delete actions for custom plugins from IITC Mobile
- Added scanner link in portal view and "Ingress" tab in mobile share portal view
- Fix authorization at the first application launch

See full changelog

# Fixes in 0.36.1

- Additional fix for inability to authorize some users in IITC Mobile
- Fix for adding plugins in IITC Mobile
- The "Alphabetical sorting of all plugin links" change has been dropped because it creates a hang with some plugins that change the order of links. This change will be reworked in future releases